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Wildris Media works with NGOs, charities and other organisations around the world to tell your  stories through short films, promos, educational material, online courses and digital content etc...


Compelling media not only helps get your message out to the world and effect positive change, but also engages and retains loyal and invested supporters.

The Wayfarer Trust

Freswick Castle, Scotland.

The Wayfarer Trust, Scotland (2022)

The work of 'The Wayfarer Trust' with people in the arts and media to provide strong encouragement and powerful creative and spiritual inspiration.
The Wayfarer Trust [Short Promo]
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50 Years of Summer.

Regent College, Canada (2019)

Each summer for the past 50 years, Regent College in Vancouver, Canada, have held a summer school filled with courses and events with some of the world's top academics and theologians.