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Currently in production:

FIN (2023)

Artist Colleen McLaughlin Barlow creates 'Fin', an outdoor sculpture for The Wayfarer Trust at Freswick Castle in the far north of Scotland.

The collective (2023)

(Working Title) A group of musicians from around Scotland come together in Edinburgh for a three month period of intense writing, mentorship and musicianship.


Re-Rooting (2023)

Two friends cycle from Holy Island in England to the Orkney Islands off the north coast of Scotland in a thousand mile journey to uncover a different way to live a life of faith in the natural world.


The making of 'Christ Takes up The Cross' by artist Colleen McLaughlin Barlow for the international 'Crossings' Exhibition in Toronto, Canada, 2022.

From Darkness To Light

The story of one miner of the Cerro Rico - a mine known locally as 'The Mountain That Eats Men Alive' - in Potosi, Bolivia.

Soul of The Steppe

A short film about one man's work searching for the homeless of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Taking them out of the tunnels and sewers in which they shelter through the winter, he teaches them to build a house together in which they all can live. In the spring he finds them jobs with their new found skills in construction.

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