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Documentary Film & Photography
Currently in production:


Re-Rooting (2024)

Two friends cycle from Holy Island to the Orkney Islands in a thousand mile journey to uncover a different way to live a life of faith in the natural world. (See the Crowdfunder!)

FIN (2025)

Artist Colleen McLaughlin Barlow creates 'Fin', an outdoor sculpture for The Wayfarer Trust at Freswick Castle in the far north of Scotland.

/ Based in Scotland
// Working Around the World
/// Wildris is About Storytelling Through Film & Photography.

Wildris Media has over 15 years of experience working all over the world, so whether you are a business, organisation or individual, we can help you tell your story through video and photography

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London Skyline on Cold Morning_1200px.jpg
Girl in Fog, Uttar Pradesh_1200px.jpg
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